The new-and-improved Greenwich Family prayer card…three years later!

10 Jul

Yes, we are alive!  We are currently back in the US for a brief,  two-month furlough.  We have neglected our poor little website during our past three-year term in Italy, but we want to get back into the habit of keeping it up-to-date.  A lot has happened during this period of cyber silence, and we will try to bring you up to speed in the near future.  For now we wanted to at least post our current prayer card so that you can download it and print it to help remind you to keep our family and our  work in Milan in your prayers.  Stay tuned…more coming soon!


The new-and-improved Greenwich Family prayer card :-)

5 Jun

We needed to make new prayer cards since our family has grown! We didn’t want to leave little Joshua out…he can use your prayers too! 😉

2008 Greenwich Family prayer card

Cardboard Testimonies…

4 Jun

We hope this video blesses you as it did us. This is what it is all about!