Pray For Us From A to Z

  • Anointing Ask for the anointing of the Holy Spirit so that we will operate in the Spirit’s Power.
  • BoldnessPray that we will speak the Word of God with boldness.
  • ComfortAsk for comfort when we are discouraged, brokenhearted, or stressed out.
  • DirectionAsk that we will sense God’s specific direction in ministry.
  • Encourage Ask God to send someone to encourage us.
  • Family Pray that we will guide Jake and Julia  in the way they should go.
  • Glory to GodPray that we will live each day to glorify God.
  • HumilityAsk that we will develop a sense of humility and reject pride.
  • InsightAsk that we will see people and things from God’s perspective.
  • JoyPray that we will be full of the joy of the Lord in all situations.
  • KnowledgePray that we will desire knowledge of God’s Word and apply it consistently.
  • LoveAsk that we will be a vessel through which God’s love flows to others.
  • MotivationPray that we will labor from godly motives, not to please other people.
  • NeedsPray that we will realize that in Christ all needs will be met.
  • Open DoorPray that we will recognize opportunities to share the gospel.
  • Prayer Partners Ask God to provide prayer partners who will intercede on a regular basis.
  • Quiet TimePray that nothing will keep us from having a quality quiet time each day.
  • RevivalAsk God to work in our lives so we will experience personal revival.
  • ServanthoodPray that we will do our work with a servant spirit.
  • Thankful HeartAsk God to give us a thankful heart, even in difficult situations.
  • UnsavedPray that the unsaved will develop a hunger and thirst for Jesus Christ in their lives.
  • VictoryPray that we will know victory in spiritual warfare.
  • Weariness Pray that we will not get bogged down in having too much to do.
  • X-ray VisionAsk that we will have X-ray vision of the heart and desire a cleansed life.
  • YieldnessPray that we will be completely yielded to Christ and willing to die to self.
  • ZealPray that we will have a renewed zeal to share the gospel.


Adapted from an article from: Contempo Magazine (WMU)


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