Family Links:

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Mission Links:

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Education Links:

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Milan Info Links:

aroundermilan.gif timeoutbutton.jpg milanoinfobutton.jpg ricksteves.gif frommerslogo.gif milanopermelogo.gif lpbutton.gif logo_welcome.gif hellologo.gif

Italy Info Links:

ciabutton.jpg italianbutton.gif corriere.gif ciaoitaliabutton.gif owlogo.gif

Other Missionaries and Mission Organizations Working in Milan:

lukersbutton.gif showalterbutton.gif icmbutton.gif smith.jpg ehmanslogo corrielogo worldteamlogo.gif pasilogo jmmlogo.gif tommasilogo ywammilano crossworldlogo.gif adcitaliabutton.gif

Churches in Milan

staderalogo.gif pllogo.gif mbclogo.gif

Other Missionaries and Mission Organizations Working in Italy:

liles2.gif wilbanks.gif whitmanlogo.jpg imlogo.gif worldventurelogo.gif avant_logo.gif

Other Links:



One Response to “Links”

  1. Lynda Kutnow July 25, 2007 at 4:03 pm #

    Hi….Pray that your time in the US will be refreshing and that you will return to the ministry here in Milan with much excitement. I just stumbled upon your web site, which is excellent. I thought you might like to add another web site for a ministry which is in the city of Milan, Italy, to your list of “other missionaries and mission organizations working in Milan”. . We are an international, English speaking, Bible teaching church working with the international community in Milan. Take care….when do you return? In Christ’s love, Lynda Kutnow
    PS…the CrossWorld link might connect if you just listed it as:

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